About Us

The Bangladesh Neuroscience Society’s vision and mission is to


  • Goal is to established world class neuroscience research program across Bangladesh.


  • Promote basic neuroscience and clinical aspects of neurological disorder and their remedies.
  • Formation of an official neuroscience society for Bangladeshi neuroscientists.
  • Bring all the Bangladeshi neuroscientist under one umbrella
  • Promote neuroscience related activities in Bangladesh to encourage neuroscience research prospective in Bangladesh.
  • Encourage young generation in neuroscience
  • Promote awareness about the potential impact of neuroscience research in society.

Research related to personality development spans a wide spectrum of investigation areas, ranging from molecular mechanisms of early brain development, via cellular and systems neurobiology, neurocognition, behavioral neuroscience, clinical aspects of neurological disorder and their remedies. The society involves numerous Bangladeshi scientists, graduated in Japan, Germany, Canada and USA.