10th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience


A group of students from the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department have successfully showcased their research work at the 10th IBRO (International Brain Research Organization) World Congress of Neuroscience. From the 21st to the 25th of September, 2019, IBRO 2019 was held at the EXCO Convention Center in Daegu, Korea. Attended by more than 200 experts from different fields of neuroscience, and also Nobel prize winner, Professor Erwin Neher, IBRO 2019 ensured an unparalleled neuroscience meeting.

Held every four years since the 1980s, the IBRO events are prestigious and one of the most noteworthy scientific meetings held in Asia. Thousands of scholars arrive at each IBRO event, hoping to showcase their undergraduate, post-graduate or PhD research work, sharing any latest information they have uncovered in the field of neuroscience. Collaborating with the FAONS (Federation of Asian-Oceanian Neuroscience Societies), IBRO 2019 received more than 1500 poster presentations, all of which were done by students from different corners of the world. One of these poster presentations was done by Farhana Yasmin and Sadia Yeasmin, two undergraduate students of the Pharmaceutical Sciences department. Representing both North South University, they were the only Bangladeshi undergraduate students who got the opportunity to showcase their poster at IBRO 2019.

Their poster presentation was based on their undergraduate project research done under their supervisor, Dr. Ashrafur Rahman, who is currently an Assistant Professor at North South University, and also the Vice President of the Bangladesh Neuroscience Society. The research was done with the help of three other undergraduate students under Dr. Ashrafur Rahman’s guidance – Israt Yesmin, Sadika Islam, and Abdul Kaium. The focus of their project, and the poster presentation, was Moringa olifera and its effect on cognition and behavior, focusing specifically on Alzheimer’s disease. This poster presentation had already won second place during the Pharmafest 2019, held by North South University.

Both Sadia Yeasmin and Farhana Yasmin were applauded by organizers, fellow researchers, and even the experts, for being two of the youngest attendees at the IBRO 2019. Their work, efforts, and poster was much appreciated.